A steer clear no BS 3-step guide to achieving the engagement you’ve always wanted so you can stand out on social media

Have you ever tried publishing ‘contents’ on your feed only to get just a few likes…

Have you crafted your pitch and did the jab-jab-jab-hook publishing format but the results didn’t turn out as you hoped it to be?

Were you ever told or maybe you read somewhere that the best way to attract your target market now is to build your personal brand…?

…and you can start attracting your target market by creating and publishing original contents on your feed…

..then making sure that when someone leaves a comment you engage?

Then you better imagine this.
You are in a room filled with a mix of your relatives, friends, and strangers…

You stood on top of a stool and started teaching everyone in the room about “the best ways to cook lumpia.”

The next day, in the same room, you started teaching everyone “how to make lumpia for a special occasion.”

On the third day, you entered the same room and started shouting “hey, look at this lumpia, I made for my best friend, he says this is the best lumpia he has tasted ever!”

On the fourth day, you showed up in the same room, and started teaching everyone “how to make someone eat your lumpia.”

The last day, was different, you started selling lumpia to everyone and you say, “My lumpia is going to be free for the first 3 tasters, come get it!”

Now let me ask you this.

If you were in that scenario, do you think, everyone in the room, would rush and buy your lumpia just like that once you start offering?

What do you think is the likelihood of a stranger buying your lumpia?

Can you tell if everyone in the room were paying attention to you during your time of demonstration?

Filled with uncertainty eh?

Well, the lumpia situation is exactly the same as immediately publishing how-to contents and originals on your feed after you watched that damn good youtube video.

Sounds absurd? Sure, but it’s the truth.

This is also the reason why there are lots of people out there who end up getting tired of publishing contents on their social feeds only to get crickets…and sometimes almost no attention at all.

It’s the same thing as introducing yourself to someone and sounding like “ Hey, I’m Keme Lou, and I am freaking good in making lumpia, in fact, I graduated in a prestige online academy doing it, I have been certified by the Lumpia Master, and I can assure you, I am the one who makes the beeeessst lumpia of all.”

Did it sound like the person talking was just bragging?

If you encountered someone like this in real life, what would you say? How would you respond?

Frankly, if I were to encounter one I’d only reply, “ Ah ok.” And then I’m gonna give a grin and pretend I received an emergency text so I could walk away.

People don’t want to be sold but would love to buy.

There are patterns and some key ingredients you need to add in your marketing efforts before your personal brand could take off.

Allow me to give you this step-by-step guide in gaining the attention of your targeted audience.

Provided, you already know what services you’ll be selling,
you’ve clearly identified the niche you’ll pursue and,
You know your target market.

If not don’t continue reading yet as this might get you a little too excited.
I suggest you go back to my previous post and read it first before going back to this line.

Now, let’s say you are 100% ready to rock the digital world with your awesomeness and you are absolutely into getting and attracting the right people in your profile, you have to pause and remember this: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The fact that you got up to this point only means that you are really willing to take a leap and grab the chance that is not always available to everyone else.

Ready to stand out on social media with your personal brand? Let’s begin then!

Here are the 3 easy steps that will make you stand out on social media.

  1. Show your network that you have been studying and focusing on honing your skills for your new chosen path.
  2. Then Build a reputation inside your targeted community.
  3. Pay attention to the way you are talking to your target audience and clearly define who the content is for then start publishing originals on your feed.

Let me expound those 3.

Show your network that you have been studying and focusing on honing your skills for your new chosen path.

People are naturally curious and love getting access to “backstories” hence, why VIP passes and documentaries are loved by many. Give your current network an update about what you’ve been doing in the backend and tell them your story about it and how it is contributing to what you are about to launch or what services you’ll be selling in the near future. Also, showing your journey doesn’t make you look like you just popped out of nowhere and it lets everyone know that whatever it is you’ll talk about in the future, you know it because you’ve got experienced, trained and studied about it.

Then Build a reputation inside your targeted community.

Do it slowly. How to do it? Give some upfront, no BS, value-packed answers to questions or discussions posted in your chosen niche’s community. Eliminate the fear of sharing what you know. The world needs you and there is someone out there needing a steer clear answer. Be that awesome human and help that individual. The more you help, the more trust points you gain because remember, a community is a group composed of multiple eyeballs. What answers you share will not only be seen by the recipient of your answer but the whole community.

Pay attention to the way you are talking to your target audience and clearly define who the content is for then start publishing originals on your feed.

This is where most of the people who give an effort to market themselves fail. When crafting your messaging, you have to make it sound like you are talking to your target. My favorite book Building your Story brand by Donald Miller can give you a glimpse of how you can easily craft a targeted messaging.

Though it may seem like it’s a bit late for you to start building your brand on social media, it’s not. The perfect time to start marketing yourself for your services is now.

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Out of the 3 steps I’ve mentioned above, which one do you think you need more help with? Let me know in the comments!

As I write this, I want you to know that I’ll be giving out lists and guides that revolves around helping you stand out on social media. There will be updates in some posts and there will be posts that need a second part. Hope to see you on my next blog!