Top 3 Branding Rookie Mistakes Most Female Coaches and Business Owners Make

Top 3 Branding Rookie Mistakes Most Female Coaches and Business Owners Make

If your target market can’t describe your services, they won’t hire you.

This is probably the biggest culprit why you’re not attracting clients for your business.

It’s no surprise.

Most female entrepreneurs and coaches believe that by knowing your product or service by heart, you can already serve anyone and be the greatest guru everybody wants to work with.


You focused on making yourselves more attractive, smarter or trendier just to make sure that you’re not left behind in the digital space…

Only to find out that you forgot that the hero of the brand story should be the customer and not you.

You’re fixated on impressing your clients with buzz words and certificates of seminars on your bios.

What’s more …

You become too engrossed, obsessed with outsmarting your top competitions.

Sadly, doing this will eventually hurt the critical foundation of your business, which is your BRAND.

Where I remember…

One of my friends, a female coach, who seemed to be having trouble selling her coaching service.

She told me:

”I have a great vision, I genuinely want to help, I invested time and money 
on training and seminars so I can bring value and transformation to my clients, 
and yet I get crickets…

I stayed quiet for a bit.

I told her that it is impressive.

Then she proudly smiled.

But when I asked her, what is it that you do exactly for a living?

I was genuinely curious to see how I can help.

“A Life Coach”

… who helps female entrepreneurs be successful

She proceeded in giving me blow by blow details on the summits and live events she recently joined…

She named a few premium coaching courses she enrolled in…

“So there’s this one on resilience, mindset, and relationships…

As she goes on, I am still trying to figure out how I can help.

But she was not really answering my question.

I don’t blame her, we all play the reputation game and aspire to some sort of ego booster.

Urgh, it’s just too hard to resist,

… only problem is, after everything she said,

I STILL don’t get it…

So I told her, if the clients can’t describe your service, then they WON’T hire you.

*awkward silence*

Her face suddenly turned red as if she’s about to cry from humiliation…

I didn’t do that on purpose to hurt her, I was just stating a FACT.

To calm her and not start an argument, I gently rephrased what I meant…
Well, in a more, sugar-coated way:

I said, “So you’re a Life Coach who helps female entrepreneurs succeed.”

She was relieved.

I attempted to change the topic but she felt insulted,

She sobbed and began to pour her heart out…

“I’m more than just a Life Coach. I’m disappointed you were not even curious with what I do.

I have so much to give…

To tell me that they won’t hire me because they can’t describe me is just frustrating..

I’ve spent countless days and nights trying to be the greatest coach for my clients…

It’s just exhausting how after all I’ve done,
I’m still not good enough to beat the other coaches.

I want to be one of the biggest names in the industry…”

Now, I finally understand her problem.

There’s a lack of clarity and proper brand building strategies in place.

The result?

She can’t attract her right audience because her messaging is confusing them.

You may be thinking, okay Mel, how can you say so?

You see…

2 years ago, I decided to spend 10,000+ hours studying personal branding, direct-response marketing, and consumer behavior & psychology.

And I learned these Top 3 Branding Rookie Mistakes that most female coaches and business owners make:


Make Your Target Market Come To You If You Have A Personal Brand

Make Your Target Market Come To You If You Have A Personal Brand

How to “sell like hot cakes” without even trying.

Well, before you react and say…

“Mel, you’re exaggerating!”

“I can hardly sell, more so sell like hotcakes without even trying.”

“Is that even possible?”

I want you to know that I understand.

Before, I would not have believed it too.

It seems like a far-fetched dream made only for the lucky ones.

But ever since I immersed myself in the online world and trained a lot of mentees, now I can say that…

Yes, it’s possible!

You just need to stand out online.

Okay, let me explain that further…

You see, there’s an undeniable rise of digital business presence nowadays when our world shifted into the “new normal”.

This means that the digital world is becoming noisier by the day.

People are pitching all sorts of products and services left and right.

If you don’t know what to do to increase your online visibility and credibility, then expect that your competitors will win over you.

You don’t want that right?

So, if you’re an aspiring female entrepreneur who is …

… looking to set yourself apart from the competition

… struggling to gain traction in your online business

… desiring to be top-of-mind of your target market

Then, you must understand this hard truth…

People are judgemental and have their own perceptions. So whatever it is that you post online will most likely become people’s perception of you.

With human beings having a 10s attention span, you’ve gotta make your content a thumb stopper.

“But how?”

This is where your strategic brand identity comes in.

In other words, your very own BRANDING.

And I am not saying just a logo or a template, but branding that is all-encompassing. One that cultivates influence in your chosen niche.

Remember, your personal branding is what people know you for, what you stand for, and what you offer.

You must learn to nail down your personal branding strategy properly.

Here are 5 good reasons why you need to have a profitable personal brand:

Reason 1: To help you RISE above the digital noise.

With a clear plan for your personal brand, you can definitely become a “mini-celebrity” in your niche and field.

This will help you become a thought-leader and stand out in the midst of the digital noise.

Reason 2: To gain AUTHORITY in your niche.

If you’re continuously giving relevant content to your target market, you can slowly become a credible authority in your space.

That’s just one way to build your personal brand.

Reason 3: To easily INFLUENCE prospects to work or buy from you.

Having your target market know, like, and trust you through your solid personal brand, you can easily encourage them to take the action you want them to do (e.g. buy your offers or join your email list).

This is a sure way to start making your brand profitable.

Reason 4: To remove yourself from the RISK of being commoditized

Specializing in a specific niche and building your personal brand as a thought leader on a particular matter will make you top-of-mind of your target market.

Instead of being commoditized, you can even grow your business and charge more as people will see you as a premium and solid personal brand.

Well, that is if you’ve done the personal branding process right (*wink*).

Reason 5: To DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the same pool of people who do the same thing as you are.

You can be a cut above the rest with your personal brand. You must know that people who resonate with your story and messages will definitely see you as an outstanding personality they should follow.

Your brand identity is uniquely you. That is one way to differentiate yourself from other people who are in the same field as you are.

Okay, by now you already know the importance of having a personal brand.

And every single day that you don’t work on this, you’re simply leading your target audience to your competitors.

Of course, that’s not what you want… right?

You’re reading this article simply because you want to attract and “magnetize” your target market to your personal brand.

If you’re not yet convinced of the power of a properly executed brand strategy, then let this sink in for a moment.

Your Personal Branding represents…

…your authority

…your appeal to the market

…your credibility

…your character stereotype

…the story that you sell

…how you make people feel about you

Let’s break it down a bit…

When we say AUTHORITY, the goal is to let them consider you as the top-of-mind expert when it comes to your niche…

Your APPEAL to the market is earning their EARS and EYEBALLS when you speak…

Your CREDIBILITY comes from gaining their TRUST as you provide value to your audience…

Your CHARACTER stereotype represents who you are projecting as your brand personality…

The STORY you sell promotes you as the aspirational guide who will lead them…

Lastly, how you make people feel about you is a great factor if they will admire, respect, and follow your personal brand.

With this, let me give you an overview of what an influential brand looks like.

Now imagine this, with such a large pool of people who offer the same thing as you do, you can no longer have leverage on features alone, but your brand will truly give you that marketing advantage.

What you are about to learn will propel you to a whole new perspective of how it should be done. And I tell you, it doesn’t take a genius to accomplish this.


Here you go.

Your brand should tell a clear story.

To illustrate it simply, let’s take a character with a problem who meets a guide who understands their fear and gives them a plan that calls them to action that results in comedy or tragedy.

Got it?

You as a BRAND are selling a story to your customer.

But why is it that there are people out there who create valuable content but don’t garner authentic and loyal following?

While there are those who are just lovable and being followed by their audience?

Well, let me ask you this question…

Do you remember your favorite movie? What has drawn you to the character?

You see, we have favorite characters in stories we love.

And isn’t it that we are usually drawn to…

…Someone who shows vulnerability and authenticity

…Someone who shows all the sides of their character

…And someone who is relatable and inspiring enough to be just like her

Keep in mind that…in the story, you are selling to your customer, you are the Character.

Now that you know that you are the character that people look up to, what’s your role in their life story?

You are the Guide. Someone who is lovable, likable, and aspirational.

It is your role to help them to take themselves from where they are now to where they intend to be.

This is not to say, everyone must start liking or following you. Some people just aren’t the right crowd for you and that is okay. You just focus on attracting the right crowd.

So the question is how to be the Guide that attracts the right crowd?

Well, you must define who you are and what you want to be known for.

Your brand’s character is the key to standing out in this pool of people who offer the same thing as you do.

So, if you are after attracting the right market for you, then you start selling like hotcakes without even trying!

Hear this, they come to you because they are naturally drawn to you.

If now you’re thinking that it sounds a bit complicated. And this is hard for you to achieve because you’re a shy introvert…

Hey, you know what, I know how you feel and I have been there too.

One tip I can give you is this one…

Don’t be overwhelmed with the tasks on hand but focus on what you can do moving forward.

I heard the same thing countless times from my mentees who have the same challenges as you do.

And I understand where you’re coming from.

Oh, how I wish I knew all these things when I was starting out. It could have saved me tons of time, effort, and money.

You see, I actually thought of you when I came up with this article…

… and the hundreds of other women who come to me with the same questions, doubts, fears, and challenges.

That is why, it led me to compile all my learnings worth 10,000 hours of study into a book that I titled, “Explode your Influence”, where you will learn how to build your very own profitable, personal brand with clarity, direction, and confidence.

I want to pass this on to you so that you can take advantage of the Secret Sauce of building a successful brand.

Now that you know the key, go ahead and check it out.

Don’t forget to apply what you learn and patiently wait for results to follow.

No need to attend my workshop, seminars, online course, and mentorship programs at a hefty price.

So that, hell yeah! You can start selling like hotcakes without even trying!!!

Let your brand speak volumes of your identity.

Let it do the work for you.

Wait there’s more…

You are in for a surprise!

If you get this on my site right now, you get it with an introductory price of P795.

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead, grab this book, and start building your own brand right now.

Click Here to Explode your Influence today.

How A Profitable Brand Generates More Sales

How A Profitable Brand Generates More Sales

Here’s an open secret for you…

Big brands are already killing it in the market!

And they’re now generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Are they just lucky? Or they know something that you don’t?

Well, this ain’t rocket science.

You just have to understand that building a personal brand is not enough.

You also need to be strategic for your brand to last in the long run.

And this is what the big brands discovered, which set them apart from those who struggle to get by.

A profitable brand is more than just the logo, website, and studio-quality photos.

Yup, there is more to it than just design. In fact, you can be seen as an expert without using visually stunning graphics.

With this, are you interested to learn what makes profitable brands earn more?

If your answer is yes, then read on…

I will be sharing with you the top reasons why profitable brands generate more sales compared to their competitors.

Knowing this will also help you understand…

… Why people tend to be loyal to some brands

… Why some businesses don’t make it despite how awesome their product or service might be.

… Why some brands became top of mind of their target market.

Again, it’s not about luck.

It’s about what you know, and what you do with what you know.

In this case, it’s the benefits of a profitable and proper brand positioning.