To the moms who will settle for nothing less than what their kids deserve…

To the moms who will settle for nothing less than what their kids deserve…

The most underestimated factor in one’s parenting life that could be a major game changer.

Did you know that expense is always cheaper when you don’t need it yet?

Just like If you have booked an airline ticket months before your trip instead of a week before you would have saved some money.

Or buying real estate properties at relatively low prices during its pre-selling stage compared to RFO (ready for occupancy) units.

You win when you plan ahead.

You are able to map out your life in an intentional way when you see things from afar and when you have enough time to prepare for it.

Same scenario in our kids’ education.

Would you want your kid to have the power of choice in selecting their school for higher education?

Back then, were you given the privilege to choose which school you want to go to?

If not, then I suggest you read on because I have something to tell you…
As a parent like me, you are no longer accountable for yourself alone, your children depend on your mindful decisions. Please remember that.

Speaking as a wealth and financial management professional, if you want what’s best for your children, I recommend you strategize their future ahead of time through effective financial planning.

The most basic yet the most important need of our children is education.

Do you want to send your kids to reputable schools?
After a few years, can you confidently say “I can afford it” Without hesitations?
Did you have uncertainty saying yes to that second question?

If so, read on and I’ll give you facts.

Affordability has a lot to do with cost. 
So, allow me to delve into the cost of a college education at present. n my research, college tuition in the Philippines nowadays has an average of 150K up to 500K per year.

college tuition in the philippines

Commission on higher education or CHED is allowing for a 10% to 12% escalation rate per school year as applicable. If we use a 10% increase at 150K baseline, that would total to almost 700 thousand pesos altogether for a 4-year course.

Notwithstanding other costs like books, uniforms, projects, etc.
Now, supposing you planned for your child’s college funding 16 years ago when your kid was only 2 years old, do you know how little would you have spent then?

Instead of shelling out 700K altogether to pay for college tuition fee at present, you only needed to set aside about 200K to over 300K and put it in an investment platform that would have earned you around 4% to 8% of interest per anum.

This would have grown to about 700K in 16 years in time for your child’s freshman year at age 18. There are even schemes that would enable you to set aside money in an installment basis, instead of a one-time investment, allowing for better affordability.

Obviously, this outcome cannot happen in a bank deposit so that is never an option for your long-term goals such as a college plan.  The only value that the bank offers is liquidity, nothing more.

We can talk this over coffee if you like! Just let me know by RSVPing here.

Education can set your children up for life, hence, worth preparing for. It can either make or, the lack of it, break them. That is why for the same reason, it is scary to just leave its fate to chance or just go with the flow. Do not succumb to the unknown when you can control the outcome.

Gift them the power of choice.

You will never know if your child could be the next genius of his or her generation.

Empower them by ensuring their future until their dreams have come to fruition.

Cheers to smart ladies like us!