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Top 3 Branding Rookie Mistakes Most Female Coaches and Business Owners Make

If your target market can’t describe your services, they won't hire you. This is probably the biggest culprit why you’re not attracting clients for your business. It’s no surprise. Most female entrepreneurs and coaches believe that by knowing your product or service...

How A Profitable Brand Generates More Sales

Here’s an open secret for you… Big brands are already killing it in the market! And they’re now generating billions of dollars in revenue. Are they just lucky? Or they know something that you don’t? Well, this ain’t rocket science. You just have to understand that...

Skills you need to develop when branding yourself

Most personalities think that by going live on facebook or being a guest in that FB Live show will make their brand very memorable and that it would increase their following just like that. WRONG. Keep in mind that people want to work with experts and not super...

The Inbound Organic Way To Building An Audience On Social Media

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioaFVTlXK9Y ?Still puzzled as to how some personal brands are getting more attention than you? ?Start doing all of the things mentioned in this video and you’d be on your way to building your brand’s reputation! The rocket science you...

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