Have you ever felt so fired up to do and accomplish that one goal pero after a few setbacks nawalan ka ng gana for whatever reason?

You know you really want to get it…

But you just feel like you don’t have that much energy to pursue it…

You’re scared…

And have serious thoughts that maybe what you’ll do won’t make it anyway…

Well, tbh with you I felt the same exact feeling.

Like this blog thisismelp.com < this was freaking long overdue.

Bought about 50 domain names since 2015 and spent thousands of pesos for web themes, apps and shit.

But I launched the website a couple of weeks ago lang. ?

Oh diba ang tagal 4 years in the making.

I found out that it wasn’t just the things that were happening around me that affected me and stopped me from finishing what I’ve started…

It was something deeper…

A bad seed grew inside me and its roots were already stuck in my DNA.

I wasn’t aware of it at first.

Pero when I became aware of it BOOM!

I’m like this renewed female who by all means, a legitimate goal-getter.

Noong una medio shallow goals lang yung kaya ko iachieve pero now it’s something different and more fulfilling to the bones…

Yung masaya ako.

I want you to experience the same thing too.

Pero di na ako magpapaligoy-ligoy pa…

What I’m talking about is your self-esteem.

Your self-esteem has a lot to do with how you are being affected by the world right now, how you are reacting to the world right now, and most especially, how you evolve in this world.

Without understanding ano ba talaga yung hindrance ng fulfilling success na hinahanap mo, believe me, you’ll only fall into a cycle.

Motivated —

Nalungkot/Tinamaan ng Negativity —

Tinulog —

Tinamad —

Namotivate —


So, in my next few posts, I want to discuss and explore these things with you in detail plus I’ll also invite a field expert inside to help me help you.

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Keep in mind that all the things I’ll be discussing is a sequence so paakyat to





Then we’ll move to Upskilling>

Service Providing>

Transitioning into a Business>

Business Management>

Small Business to Millions>

Growing Financially>

Pay it forward ❤️

Sounds exciting?

I know! I’m excited too!

See you on my next post. ❤️

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