Here’s an open secret for you…

Big brands are already killing it in the market!

And they’re now generating billions of dollars in revenue.

Are they just lucky? Or they know something that you don’t?

Well, this ain’t rocket science.

You just have to understand that building a personal brand is not enough.

You also need to be strategic for your brand to last in the long run.

And this is what the big brands discovered, which set them apart from those who struggle to get by.

A profitable brand is more than just the logo, website, and studio-quality photos.

Yup, there is more to it than just design. In fact, you can be seen as an expert without using visually stunning graphics.

With this, are you interested to learn what makes profitable brands earn more?

If your answer is yes, then read on…

I will be sharing with you the top reasons why profitable brands generate more sales compared to their competitors.

Knowing this will also help you understand…

… Why people tend to be loyal to some brands

… Why some businesses don’t make it despite how awesome their product or service might be.

… Why some brands became top of mind of their target market.

Again, it’s not about luck.

It’s about what you know, and what you do with what you know.

In this case, it’s the benefits of a profitable and proper brand positioning.


Reason 1: Profitable Brands Have Higher Perceived Value

The best brands in the world excel when it comes to providing value to customers. They don’t play the pricing game where they lower prices in order to beat other businesses.

One great example is Starbucks.

If you’re someone who’s been buying coffee from their coffee shops, I’m sure you already know that the prices of their drinks are relatively higher than the usual “instant” coffee that you can buy from the grocery stores.

But you don’t mind, right?

Because you wouldn’t buy a cup of Starbucks coffee just for the coffee itself. You also stay at the coffee shop, which provides you with a great ambiance to study, work, or meet with friends.

You get to listen to relaxing music, smell great aromas, and talk to friendly baristas. Not to mention their coffee is also great.

There’s also a sense of ‘class’ whenever you show to your friends that you’re drinking at Starbucks, which can further add value to the coffee you’ve just bought.

So although you have to pay several times the price for the same coffee, it’s still worth it because you’ll have a pleasant experience while drinking it.

When customers are enjoying such an experience, Starbucks is therefore in a position to charge more for their beverages. People wouldn’t mind because they perceive the brand as highly valuable.

Bottom line, if the value of your product or service is greater than the price you charge them for it, then it would be a no-brainer for the customer to make the purchase.

So ask yourself, are your products or services seen as more valuable than the price you charge them? Or do you prefer skipping this question and lowering your prices instead?

Reason 2: Profitable Brands Have Huge Influence

Influence in business is the ability to convince someone to believe or do something, and big brands are extremely good at this.

Basically, your influence on someone will be determined by your credibility and reputation in the market. So if you’re just starting out in the industry, then you will have a harder time to convince someone to buy from you than from someone who is already established.

The good news is, you can work on building your credibility in your chosen market, which takes time and patience.

What’s not good, however, is when you and your business have a bad reputation in the eyes of people. Not only would you not pull in customers, but people will spread the news of how awful your business or brand is, therefore decreasing your sales even further.

By building a brand that people respect, follow, and admire, you will naturally attract more customers to your business. And when you do an excellent job, your happy customers will naturally spread the word of how amazing and valuable your business is.

I recommend reading until the end because I’ll show you how you can “explode your influence” even if you’re starting from scratch.

Reason 3: Profitable Brands Keep Their Customers Loyal to Them

Customer loyalty increases a brand’s profitability because it increases the lifetime value of their customer. After all, it’s several times harder to sell to a new customer than to an existing one.

The way profitable brands do this is by creating marketing campaigns that are designed to retain customers, as well as storytelling to keep them interested.

The key is to show your “authenticity” by telling people what you stand for, such as your core values, beliefs, and even exposing your flaws and vulnerabilities.

But by doing this, don’t expect that you’ll please everyone.

In fact, some people will go against you and hate you for it. Just be ready for that and accept it.

However, if you stay true and consistent with your brand, you will serve as a credible authority who will attract the right people to your business.

These people are your “true fans” and they’re worth gold since they will follow you wherever you go and buy whatever product or service you have.

And most importantly, they will stay loyal to you for many years, and this increases their lifetime value and hence the profitability of your business.

You must take note of that if you want to lower your spending on customer acquisition, okay.

Reason 4: Profitable Brands Stay On Top of Their Customers’ Mind

The biggest brands in the world also happen to be the most dominant names in the industry, since they take up a large chunk of the market share.

They’re so dominant in fact, that you don’t have any trouble identifying brands such as McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Facebook, and Amazon. You instantly recognize what they specialize in.

It simply shows that building a brand that’s on top of your customers’ mind is a surefire way for you to grow a profitable business.

Conquering the minds and winning the hearts of people through your brand also ensures that you become less susceptible to the market forces driving our economy. It prevents your business from being commoditized when a competing company comes into the market.

By establishing your brand and a unique voice, you stand out from the competition and no one can come close to you.

Want to Build An Influential Brand? It Starts With Your Reputation

If you want to establish a brand that can pull in countless customers to your business, know that it all begins with you!

Your reputation serves as your personal brand and it’s the foundation where you establish your business in. If you taint your reputation by doing bad or unethical things, no one will trust you with their money.

As a beginner in branding, this is the very first thing you can work on so you can reap your rewards in the long run.

The first step to cultivating your reputation is by becoming an influential person yourself. To do this, you simply have to “appear influential” in front of people. You don’t need followers or testimonials to succeed at this step, since you don’t have them right from the start.

The second step is to become visible in front of your ideal clients and customers. Because remember, you don’t need to appeal to everyone, you just need to attract the right people for your business.

The third step, which is what you’ll do to rise above the competition, is to leverage the skills and talents you excel at to build credibility. You do this by demonstrating your expertise either by helping people, teaching, or any form of value that you can provide to your market.

And that’s it.

Just three steps.

Like I said earlier, you don’t need to have a fancy logo, website, or professional photos in order to be successful at branding.

My students and mentees have succeeded by following this deceptively simple process.

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