The Go-Getters Guide To Making Money Online


I’ll prove to you that it is possible to make money online and out of thin air using your bare hands and brain.

Don’t worry though because it’s never too late to rewrite your current life even though you had a pretty rough start.

Now what I’m about to reveal to you might shock you and you might start thinking that almost all the people you know could be one of them… and yes that thought of yours could be right.

Continue reading if you want to switch careers and leave your current day job…

…or if you are penniless, can’t get a good-paying but easy job and in dire need of learning how to generate good money

…or if you are a lazy person who doesn’t want to work in a 9-5 job.

…or if you want to be able to travel and have a good life while earning enough to sustain your lavish lifestyle.

By the way, the last one described me.
You see…

I hated the fact that I was going away during nighttime to work and not be able to spend enough hours to bond with my kid.

I knew that I’m a person who is determined to do the easy but extraordinary to help me get what I want…

And I only wanted to have a simple life.

A simple life for me means when I go out, I don’t have to walk under the strike of that bright sun and get sweaty just to wait for a cab, jeep, bus or tricycle to get to where I want to be.

A simple life meant not having to worry about what my child is going to get from the shelves of supermarket aisles because heck, whatever amount shows in that POS I can pay anyway.

A simple life means eating wherever and whatever I wanted and not having to think about how much the bill would be.

I’m on my way to achieving that simple life.

And I’m here to share with you what I found out, that is helping me achieve the simple life.

Stop if you are a narcissistic psychopath who has the tendency to abuse such information.

Stop reading if you don’t know the difference between being honest versus lying.

Also if you are a person who has no intention of applying what you’re about to discover.

If you identified yourself as any of those I mentioned then please go away, this is not for you.

So how exactly do you start making money online in the most legitimate way?
Read, do as I say, take action and you’ll be surprised at how it becomes a total life-changer for you.

Soon, you’d be a walking money-making machine.
In return, you’ll have a more satisfying, happier and more prosperous life… …treasure this information…

…and you never have to worry about not getting “enough money” for your chosen lifestyle ever again.

Let’s begin.
Did you know that your most important assets are within you?

Not nurturing your God-given self-assets will make you lose a lot of opportunities. And I’m not referring to your sleeping, eating, drawing, dancing, or singing talent.

I’m talking about your 3 core self-assets.

Your first asset is your wisdom.

It’s your ability to understand complexity, logic and give sound judgments. It’s your intelligence and what you know based on experience, books you’ve read, and facts you are aware of.

Your second asset is your self-esteem.

It is the sense of your self-worth or personal value. In other words, how much you appreciate and like yourself.

Your third asset is your determination.

It’s your persistence and tenacity to pursue something. Things that will not only help you succeed but will also make you do things purposefully.

Not everyone has a 100% of all three I core assets, but there is a cure which I would talk about in a separate post.

But if you have all them at 100% then it only means that you’re ready to learn how to use them to your advantage.

So How to start making money online and out of thin air using your 3 core self-assets.

#1 Find out what is your unfair advantage.

Your wisdom is your unfair advantage. Knowing where you are good at and understanding how you can leverage it will take you miles.
It’s your unique intelligence and abilities only you own.
It could be a combination of two talents or more.

Still clueless on what could be your unique advantage? Or what the hell I’m talking about?

Here’s an example, let’s say you Mary is good in getting along with people and you loves connecting. Mary has the unique ability to make people say yes and agree to whatever she says. She never attended any training nor read books, at all. She just has that natural ability to build rapport. — that right there is her unique advantage.

We are all different. The example could be you or not. What’s important is that you are AWARE OF WHERE YOU ARE GOOD AT.

#2 Identify Your Possible Career Directions

Your wisdom has a work match, all you gotta do is look for it.
Start by understanding what problems you passionately want to solve.
Pains you want to ease. Or things that you want to improve.

Create a list of all the problems in the world that matter to you. Big or small, what things would you like to see improved?

Let’s go back to our example. Mary, who’s really good at convincing people feels compassion for people who are bad in sales. It’s her pet peeve when she sees someone who’s doing it badly in presentations. The feeling makes her want to jump in the conversation and do the presenter’s job.

What is the problem that Mary could solve in this situation?

An individual who doesn’t know how to deliver a persuasive presentation.

How can Mary solve the problem of not being able to deliver a persuasive presentation?

Mary can teach people in sales her ways on how to be persuasive during presentations.

#3 Combine your wisdom and passion

Start writing down the things you know you can do or your existing knowledge and combine it with your answers in #2. Put them together and it’ll give birth to your career path.

Put the Skill/Existing Knowledge + Passion = Birth of Your Career Path

Once you have discovered your Career Path, it’s time to confirm and look for demand.

In our example, let’s say Mary knows and can do the following:

  • Persuade people to agree with her during conversations
  • Knows a lot about finance, economics, trading and is really good in math
  • Loves being on camera and can project
  • Passionate in helping sales agents

By looking at Mary’s qualities what could be her career path?

A sales trainer in the field of insurance or investment selling. She can also start teaching people online through course platforms.

#4 Qualify if your identified market is profitable.

Do you think Mary can sell her newfound career path to people in need?

Well, the information you see online are there for a reason.
High-rated or high reviewed books, courses, and any other kinds of products are there of a reason.

All you have to do is a little market research and go to your best friend: Google

  1. Do the reverse strategy. What keywords would a person in need of Mary’s services be looking for online?
  2. Affiliate Networks. The more products being sold the more demand is in there. Are there books related to Mary’s services?
  3. Check out if there is a title under the Dummies Guide book collection. If they have it there then it’s a wildly profitable market. They won’t publish a whole book without any reason.

Tip: Replicate what has been done successfully.

Once you’ve validated that your identified market is indeed profitable, the next step is all about leg work.
This part is crucial.

All the discovery and conceptualization sounds sexy and exciting but the next step is where most people stop.

I hope you are not one of them. If you are in it to win it, like me you are determined to achieve that simple life then continue pushing.

#5 The marketing and hunting begins.

You have to learn and know where your customers are hanging out. Be a part of their community and start building your reputation in their community.
Show your potential buyers how reliable you are and how you can help them out by giving away free and concerned advice. Be visible and build a valuable digital relationship.

When your prospect starts asking you about what you do that’s when you drop your one-liner pitch.

Your self-esteem and determination are very vital in this last step. It’s important to keep in mind and believe that you can do it. Your determination is what will keep you going.

Remember, all the concepts and steps I mentioned were proven effective and worked for many individuals like me. This is basically the pattern I used and how I am making money online right now.

In the next few weeks, I’ll publish a step-by-step guide on how you should start marketing yourself.

Tune in and subscribe to my youtube and facebook page! The theme of my posts and videos in the next few weeks will contribute to your newfound career path.

As much as possible I’ll publish references that are good from A – Z.I’m excited for you!

If you’re ready to jump into the gig economy, I’d love to know you!
Feel free to connect with me, share who you are and what you currently do. See you in the comments!

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  1. Adora Mapa

    I’m currently working as a VA / Homebased Outbound Call Center Agent. I started February.
    I have more than 10 years of Team Leader experienced in a Call Center. Before that, I worked for more than 6 yrs of as a sales agent / telemarketer both inbound and outbound. I resigned being a team leader last december. I learned about homebased job on january. Decided to give it a try. I finally got my 1st job on february. I’m still not happy with my current role. I’m looking for more. I noticed at more clients are looking for social media marketer. I did my own research on how to get started. I began with youtube. That’s when i first saw your video with fhmoms. I know you’re the right person to help me explore and unleash my inner talent as a sales person. I heard your success story. I heard you were only left 40 pesos on your bank account. But I saw you on that youtube video sitting on a nice chair. I saw the beauty of your home office. One day I want to see myself sitting on a nice chair in a cozy home office. I’m so excited what the digital world will offer me. I am determined to learn and won’t stop until I get what i want. Thank you for being my inspiration. Yes, I will continue to follow your postings and youtube videos. I want to join one of your class.

    • Melissa Profeta

      Supporting you on your journey! I’m just a message away. If I did it, you can do it too! <3

  2. Rochelle

    Very helpful article ?


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