If your target market can’t describe your services, they won’t hire you.

This is probably the biggest culprit why you’re not attracting clients for your business.

It’s no surprise.

Most female entrepreneurs and coaches believe that by knowing your product or service by heart, you can already serve anyone and be the greatest guru everybody wants to work with.


You focused on making yourselves more attractive, smarter or trendier just to make sure that you’re not left behind in the digital space…

Only to find out that you forgot that the hero of the brand story should be the customer and not you.

You’re fixated on impressing your clients with buzz words and certificates of seminars on your bios.

What’s more …

You become too engrossed, obsessed with outsmarting your top competitions.

Sadly, doing this will eventually hurt the critical foundation of your business, which is your BRAND.

Where I remember…

One of my friends, a female coach, who seemed to be having trouble selling her coaching service.

She told me:

”I have a great vision, I genuinely want to help, I invested time and money 
on training and seminars so I can bring value and transformation to my clients, 
and yet I get crickets…

I stayed quiet for a bit.

I told her that it is impressive.

Then she proudly smiled.

But when I asked her, what is it that you do exactly for a living?

I was genuinely curious to see how I can help.

“A Life Coach”

… who helps female entrepreneurs be successful

She proceeded in giving me blow by blow details on the summits and live events she recently joined…

She named a few premium coaching courses she enrolled in…

“So there’s this one on resilience, mindset, and relationships…

As she goes on, I am still trying to figure out how I can help.

But she was not really answering my question.

I don’t blame her, we all play the reputation game and aspire to some sort of ego booster.

Urgh, it’s just too hard to resist,

… only problem is, after everything she said,

I STILL don’t get it…

So I told her, if the clients can’t describe your service, then they WON’T hire you.

*awkward silence*

Her face suddenly turned red as if she’s about to cry from humiliation…

I didn’t do that on purpose to hurt her, I was just stating a FACT.

To calm her and not start an argument, I gently rephrased what I meant…
Well, in a more, sugar-coated way:

I said, “So you’re a Life Coach who helps female entrepreneurs succeed.”

She was relieved.

I attempted to change the topic but she felt insulted,

She sobbed and began to pour her heart out…

“I’m more than just a Life Coach. I’m disappointed you were not even curious with what I do.

I have so much to give…

To tell me that they won’t hire me because they can’t describe me is just frustrating..

I’ve spent countless days and nights trying to be the greatest coach for my clients…

It’s just exhausting how after all I’ve done,
I’m still not good enough to beat the other coaches.

I want to be one of the biggest names in the industry…”

Now, I finally understand her problem.

There’s a lack of clarity and proper brand building strategies in place.

The result?

She can’t attract her right audience because her messaging is confusing them.

You may be thinking, okay Mel, how can you say so?

You see…

2 years ago, I decided to spend 10,000+ hours studying personal branding, direct-response marketing, and consumer behavior & psychology.

And I learned these Top 3 Branding Rookie Mistakes that most female coaches and business owners make:

Rookie Mistake # 1: Forgetting about who you serve.

By focusing on making yourself smarter or trendier to be the best guru,
we forget what our ideal clients even want.

It is important to remember that these trends come and go.

The essence of marketing is all about aligning your product or service
to the ultimate needs and desires of your dream customers or clients.

Your goal is to make your service an integral part of their business model.

This will make you easily influence prospects to buy from you.

And doing so will give you a chance for stable and ongoing work or business.

Rookie Mistake #2: Trying to be the smartest expert in everything just so you can feel you’re better than your competition.

Frankly, you can’t beat the competition by trying to be better than them, especially the top guns, the big names in the industry, at least not in a heartbeat.

Remind yourself that your goal is to make your customer the hero of your story.

You can rise from the noise…

Be on top of mind by the market you’re trying to dominate.


By being different..unique…specific..special.

This will make you an authority in your niche.

Accept that you simply can’t effectively save every single person in the same swimming pool of people with lifeguards who do the same thing.

Your brand has to be wrong for some people for it to stand out to your ideal customers and clients…

This will make your brand more attractive to the right people for your business.

Take note of these ideas:

Understand you can’t simply compete with top gurus, influencers, and big names in the industry.

Don’t fall into the trap of outsmarting your competition by charging less than your happy rate. It will be harder to scale your business and you’ll be doing your business a disservice.

So you’re probably asking so Mel, what advice did you give to your friend…

Hang in there, you curious cat…

I’m about to tell you, Queen.

Here goes…

Avoid [the mistakes above]…

And the critical culprit of not being VISIBLE…

Yeah, you heard it right…

Straight from me.

That is the hardest slap, my friend got.

Rookie Mistake #3: Denying the fact that if they can’t describe you, they can’t or won’t hire you.

If you’re not VISIBLE in the crowd, they won’t know your business exists.

Easy peasy. Conduct an audit of your personality, of the market you serve, of your service, and your personal brand.

Channel your energy in figuring out how to be different, unique.

This will remove yourself from the risk of being commoditized.

A simple brand name change isn’t enough to separate you from the rest of those.

Being different means you will fail to please everyone. That’s good news. You can now articulate your specialty and zone of genius.

So in summary,
if you avoid the top 3 mistakes most rookie female entrepreneurs and coaches make…

Your PERSONAL BRAND can be easily identifiable, will be more visible, and will look more valuable

And what’s next?

Attracting prospects with your Personal Brand will be so much easier.

Now imagine your dream client, asking you what is it exactly you do and vividly describe it in simple words.

Do you think they will hire you?

If your answer is yes: that’s awesome!

Next, ask a friend.

Ask a potential client.

Not confident enough, ask me.

Because If you’re still UNSURE

…if you’re visible enough to cut through the noise and rise above the competition

…if your dream clients can describe your brand and hire you

…if you come across as credible to your clients and customers

…if you can prove yourself as an influential with a simple description of what you do

And if you need help, then Queen…

This is for you.

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